Tulips and the Carillon—canvas floating frame



Tulips and the Carillon

Captured amidst the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, this photograph tells a unique story of resilience and adaptation. In a departure from the traditional annual Floriade event, the city of Canberra transformed itself during lockdown. To welcome the arrival of spring, the cityscape became a canvas for tulips and flowers, redefining the notion of a flower show.

Along the shores of the city’s tranquil lake, strategically placed planter boxes burst into vivid displays of tulips, offering a breathtaking spectacle. This particular planter box, featured in the image, graced the opposite side of the lake, its vibrant blooms echoing the majestic presence of the Carillon. It’s a testament to the community’s enduring spirit and the ability to find beauty even in the face of adversity, where nature’s splendor and the resilience of human creativity come together in a harmonious display.

Size of canvas print in floating frame

Width: 60cm x Height: 30cm
Width: 80cm x Height: 40cm
Width: 120cm x Height: 60cm
Width: 160cm x Height: 80cm
Width: 200cm x Height: 100cm

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Canvas print, framed in a floating frame

Elevate your work spaces and living spaces with the timeless elegance of one of my images printed on archival canvas and framed with a handcrafted floating frame, designed to adorn the walls of your home, workplace, and client-sitting areas.
Each image is lovingly created by me. I spend considerable time setting up my image to take a photograph and then editing it to suit the design. It can take a few days to create one of the images you see here on this page.

My dedication to quality doesn’t stop at my images It extends to the printing and framing processes. I send my image to a local 100 percent carbon neutral certified print studio who prints my image on archival canvas and then makes the floating frame by hand, keeping everything local here in Canberra.

I take immense pride in presenting my cherished images printed on archival Canson poly-cotton canvas, using lightfast pigment inks. These canvas prints meet all the standards of an archival print, and are designed to remain as breathtaking as the day you first hang them on your wall.

Each frame is handcrafted, emphasising precision and an unwavering attention to detail to suit each individual image. The result is a stunning, seamless presentation that imparts the illusion of your artwork gracefully ‘floating’ within the frame, adding an unmistakable touch of elegance to your decor.

To ensure your investment is protected, a protective varnish is applied to canvas prints, enhancing their durability and resilience. The canvas is expertly stretched over a substantial 30–40mm deep frame, delivering a museum-quality finish that’s ready to grace your space.

You are not just investing in art; you’re investing in a piece of Canberra’s thriving artistic community.
While the process may be thorough, it’s undoubtedly worth the wait. Please keep in mind that the turnaround for preparing the image and printing can take up to 18 business days before your artwork is ready for delivery. Your patience is rewarded, as each frame embodies a story of dedication, quality, and an enduring passion for the art of image presentation.

Additional information

Canvas floating frame

60cm x 30cm floating frame, 80cm x 40cm floating frame, 120cm x 60cm floating frame, 160cm x 80cm floating frame, 200cm x 80cm floating frame, 200cm x 100cm floating frame


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