Welcome to the captivating world of artistic exploration where lenses capture the soul of moments, melodies paint the canvas of emotions, and web designs shape digital dreams. I am a multifaceted creator—a photographer, composer, web designer, and a maestro of designing promotional material. I infuse vibrant hues into the stillness of photographs, orchestrating symphonies that echo the spectrum of feelings, and crafting digital spaces that resonate with the joy of creation. My lens dances with the palette of life, encapsulating the vivid colours and emotions in every frame. Through the melodies I compose, I seek to weave a tapestry of feelings that resonate deeply within. As a web designer, I paint the digital canvas, sculpting immersive experiences that reflect the passion and enthusiasm I carry into each project. Whether it’s through photographs, music, or promotional materials, join me on this journey where creativity knows no bounds, and let’s explore the world through the lens of boundless imagination together.

If you see an image that you prefer in another format, please contact me to discuss what you would like. Also, if you would like to purchase more than two images, please contact me to work out a price, as I may be able to reduce costs through my printer/framer.

Yellow building in the style of a building from the south of France. https://theresa-hall.com/

Floating frame canvas images.

Elevate your work and living spaces with the timeless elegance of one of my images printed on archival canvas and framed with a handcrafted floating frame.

New limited edition prints available.

Printed on Canson plantine fibre rag and certificate of authenticity provided.

Bridge archway travelling into the other side of the bridge through a 'portal'. https://theresa-hall.com/
Hot air balloons floating over Lake Burley Griffin and the National Museum of Australia. Commonwealth Bridge and the National Library of Australia and the Parliamentary Triangle are in the background. Image size 875x570mm. Image by Theresa Hall. https://theresa-hall.com/

Providing beautiful images for your walls.

The Carillon is in the background with tulips from Floriade in the foreground over Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.Image size 1020x570mm. Image by Theresa Hall.

Check out my music installations

 A visual and audio experience .

Canvas prints header. shop icon. Sunflowers. First sunflower has a fly on it. https://theresa-hall.com/

Canvas prints

Selected images printed on framed canvas.

Theresa Hall Photography
Theresa Hall photography and design


fact/information sheets, signs, brochures

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Canvas prints header. shop icon. Sunflowers. First sunflower has a fly on it. https://theresa-hall.com/
Canvas prints.

Canvas prints

Printed on framed canvas..

Signed limited edition prints printed on archival Canson plantine fibre rag. Available as framed and unframed print. Print size—20 x 16 inches. Framed image is 24 inches x 20 inches in total. Price includes postage.
Signed limited edition prints.


Signed limited edition.

8 x 12 inch images mounted, ready to frame.
8 x 12 inch images mounted.

8×12 inch mounted

8 x 12 inch, mounted.

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  • Newborn baby shoots.
  • Maternity shoots.
  • Professional portraits of you or your team for your home or office.
  • Signed limited edition prints for your home or office.
Newborn baby in bear suit sleeping on lambswool rug. Image by Theresa Hall.

Screen shot of the front page of the Canberra Times showing my image of lightning over Parliament House, Canberra, Australia. Photo was taken the night before.

In the media

Front page of the Canberra Times, 25 January 2018.