National Multicultural Festival

The National Multicultural Festival was held in Canberra over the weekend from 15 to 17 February 2019.

Performers and food stalls representing countries from around the world gathered on the weekend to celebrate our cultural diversity and acceptance of each other.

The venue was set in the heart of the city of Canberra, where a number of streets were closed off to transport.

The atmosphere was alive and electric with full acceptance and acknowledgement of everyone’s unique identity in this world.

On Saturday the six stages that were grouped in the following categories: US showcase, indigenous, languages showcase, happy Chinese new year showcase, India in the city, Pacific Island showcase, hello Korea, Bangladesh, Asean, African village, and Latin quarters.

On Sunday, the six stages were grouped into the following categories: Greek glendi, celtic tatoo, Happy Chinese new year showcase, Pacific Island showcase, African village, Latin quarters.

As well as entertainment, there were hundreds of food stalls representing food from around the world such as New Zealand, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Argentina, Croatia, Austria, Bangal, Bosnia, Ireland, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Jordan, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden, Iraq, Korea, Paraguay, Panama, Nepal, Morocco, Greece, Finland, Ethiopia, Ireland, Hungary, Netherlands (Holland), Kenya, Latvia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Vietnam, United States of America and Venezuela.

It’s a pity the festival only lasts three days. It was truly a beautiful celebration of all cultures in this lovely world.

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I am a photographer born and raised in New Zealand and raised in Australia. Living in Canberra at the moment.

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