Multicultural festival

Canberra hosted another fabulous multicultural festival this weekend from Friday 16 February 2018 to Sunday 18 February 2018.

There was so much diversity and so many options for all of the senses including beautiful musical sounds that represented each country in this world, food for the tastebuds, colour of the costumes and seven stage sets for the eyes, you could feel the music and touch some selected items for sale, and the smell of all the food choices from the hundreds of food tents was amazing as they merged into one invitation for all to share.

Unfortunately I only got to see a very small section of it when I happened to be in town for a different reason with my camera on Friday afternoon. I would have loved to have stayed especially to see Leo Sayer perform on stage in Garema Court, but I was feeling quite sick and needed to get home.

I didn’t get back to experience the rest of the weekend, but I am grateful to have experienced the beginning of the festival as I was passing through the crowds.

Here are some of the images I managed to take:


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