Darkness into light

In this modern, digital world, the purpose of my piece is to provide a visual and audio experience—a feast for the senses.

The aim of this piece is to provide the listener/viewer with the opportunity to explore their own emotions of loneliness, happiness, sadness and joy.

The music, images and presentation have all been created by me through various digital software.

I started writing the music when I was about 14 years old. It started out as a small solo for viola or clarinet with guitar playing chords behind it.

Last year (2018), I dusted off the book this piece was written in and created a digital score using music software. It expanded into seven and half minute piece for a string quartet (violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello) and classical guitar.

This year (2019), I’ve dusted off the digital score and reduced it by three minutes to around four minutes and 40 seconds. Although the piece has been reduced in time, it has expanded in musical tones. The piece you hear in this submission consists of violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, bass guitar, classical guitar, harp and clarinet.

The piece is based around the inner sanctuary of our soul where our deepest feelings of sadness, loneliness, darkness, lightness and joy sit. The viola and clarinet represent the depth, loneliness and softness for the sadness and darkness, while the violins, classical guitar and harp represent the lightness and joy in our soul.

The lilting rhythm represents both joy and sadness as we dance our way through life.

The score has been created using music software and I then created an MP4 music file, which I used in the video attached.

The images were taken by me using a digital camera and processed using digital software to represent the darkness and sadness portrayed in the piece, with images showing light and happiness, particularly near the end of the piece.

List of images used in the piece titled ‘darkness into light’ by Theresa Hall:

Image title Purpose/feeling Place taken
Where the trees arched above and the branches were the sky. The road leads into the darkest parts of the soul. The moon above brings light into the darkness. Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia
Untitled The carillon is a musical instrument standing strong and proud in the autumn colours. The storm clouds above represent a threat to the beautiful music, restrictions on following one’s dreams and bearing bringing darkness to the light underneath that is trying to shine through. Canberra, Australia
I still have purpose even though my structure has changed. There is a unique beauty in our darkness, even as the storm clouds roll past. There is always room to stop and take in our surroundings and admire the beauty and uniqueness of the moment. Heron Island, Queensland, Australia
Untitled The small stars shine through the darkness and the water jet brings release to our emotions while stillness surrounds us. Canberra, Australia
The tender mist that brings two worlds into one. Although our minds and souls may feel foggy, there is still growth and light. Canberra, Australia
Untitled There is beauty in the distant darkness. Ruakaka, New Zealand
Untitled Sometimes it feels like a hard climb to get our light to the top of the hill. Canberra, Australia
Our true beauty lies in our darkness Deep inside our darkness is where our true beauty and purpose lies. Aurora Australis, Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia
Untitled As the darkness falls, taking away the last light, we can still shine. Torquay Beach, Victoria, Australia
Untitled It may feel like we can’t rebuild from the ruins that we have created, but if we look deep enough, there will be a light to show us the beauty and purpose to our darkness. Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
Untitled There is always plenty of colour and light to guide us. Canberra, Australia
Untitled Sometimes all we need is a burst of light to show us the way and lighten up our true purpose. Canberra, Australia
Untitled If we can break through the chain and jump over the hurdles that hold us back, there is freedom. Catherine Hill Bay Beach, New South Wales, Australia
Untitled Our deep emotion provides nourishment for beauty to grow. Canberra, Australia
Untitled We can contain our light or we can set it free and let it bring colour to the rest of our darkness. Canberra, Australia
Untitled Sometimes it may feel like we are just hitting a large wall. There are ways over and around that wall that will take us to new adventures. Pauanui, New Zealand
Untitled Keep moving, onward and upward. You will find the light. Heron Island, Queensland, Australia
Untitled Sometimes we have to just stop and see the beauty and colour around us to appreciate what we have. Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
The ground is rich with tender care and the sky brings contrast. Sometimes we may feel bare and open to destruction, when in fact our roots are surrounded by beauty and there is real contrast and colour all around us. Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia
Untitled Our true light and colours will show when we acknowledge that our darkness provides so many opportunities to grow. Canberra, Australia
I can’t see you but I can feel you here beside me, watching me with our love. Even when we just want to hide from the world, we can bring joy to the world. Canberra, Australia
Untitled There is a lot of power and light in our darkness. Bungendore, New South Wales, Australia
Untitled Sometimes there may be obstacles that make us stuck. It will pass and there will be opportunities to be unstuck. Nelson, New Zealand
Untitled Sometimes it can feel like there is turbulence rolling on and on. Know that we have the ability to stand strong in the turbulence and show our true colour. Brighton Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Untitled Sometimes we may just see the obstacles right in front of us without seeing the beauty that lies beyond, if we get through those obstacles. Rangitoto Island, from Takapuna Beach, New Zealand
Untitled If we see the darkness in our souls as pieces of wisdom and the keys to our true purpose, we will bring forward our magnificence. Canberra, Australia
Untitled Every piece of our darkness can form into something beautiful Canberra, Australia
Be a part of something good. Follow your dreams. Keep going. It is about the journey, who you take along with you along the way and what you see and do. Heron Island, Queensland, Australia