Darkness into light

In this modern, digital world, the purpose of my piece is to provide a visual and audio experience—a feast for the senses.

The aim of this piece is to provide the listener/viewer with the opportunity to explore their own emotions of loneliness, happiness, sadness and joy.

The music, images and presentation have all been created by me through various digital software.

I started writing the music when I was about 14 years old. It started out as a small solo for viola or clarinet with guitar playing chords behind it.

Last year (2018), I dusted off the book this piece was written in and created a digital score using music software. It expanded into seven and half minute piece for a string quartet (violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello) and classical guitar.

This year (2019), I’ve dusted off the digital score and reduced it by three minutes to around four minutes and 40 seconds. Although the piece has been reduced in time, it has expanded in musical tones. The piece you hear in this submission consists of violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, bass guitar, classical guitar, harp and clarinet.

The piece is based around the inner sanctuary of our soul where our deepest feelings of sadness, loneliness, darkness, lightness and joy sit. The viola and clarinet represent the depth, loneliness and softness for the sadness and darkness, while the violins, classical guitar and harp represent the lightness and joy in our soul.

The lilting rhythm represents both joy and sadness as we dance our way through life.

The score has been created using music software and I then created an MP4 music file, which I used in the video attached.

The images were taken by me using a digital camera and processed using digital software to represent the darkness and sadness portrayed in the piece, with images showing light and happiness, particularly near the end of the piece.

Most of these images were taken in and around Canberra, Australia. Some were taken around Australia, including Heron Island in Queensland, Adelaide in South Australia, Hobart and Port Arthur in Tasmania, Wagga Wagga in New South Wales and Torquay in Victoria. Some photos were taken in New Zealand around Ruakaka, Pauanui, Auckland north shore and Tauranga.